Light of the Lord

Finished!! This is “Light of the Lord” a 30”x 48” acrylic on canvas!

This piece was inspired by some historical references and other things I have been experiencing. Lately I have been coming in contact with a lot of things that keep reminding me how important it is to stay humble and give all glory to God. It is hard for me as an artist sometimes to make that separation and remind myself that God gave me this talent and that I can do nothing without Him. Historically architecture in churches focused on using light as symbolic of God as do references in the Bible. Using this knowledge I realized that without the light of God there would be no image, it would be only a black canvas. He is the light and without Him I would be nothing. I thank Him for giving me many opportunities to paint and for working through my hands to make these subjects come to life. As the gentle giant of the painting bows to His light so will I. I fear sometimes that by sharing this faith through my paintings that I may turn others away, but I must keep reminding myself that business isn’t first, God is.
If you would like to hear more about putting God first check out the videos by White Chair films and the series “I Am Second”. They have some really amazing stories!

The original is now for sale! You can see the listing on my Etsy page by clicking here!


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