Rise With Me

New original! It’s another colorful one named “Rise With Me” on a 20”x 24” canvas.
This one was inspired by the kind of relationship I believe we all reach for with the people in our lives. It’s that lifting each other up so we can stay strong and become better people together. In this world it can be hard to feel connected with others especially when we feel that we’re in competition with everyone else.

By focusing on kindness, respect, and giving we can build a relationship that makes us both better. It brings us closer to our goals by supporting theirs, by believing and supporting them through the hard times and they will hopefully do the same for you. Sometimes it doesn’t always feel like an equal exchange, but knowing that you did your best to help is a reward in itself. You gain respect for yourself and give God a window to work in this world. Sometimes the future seems hopeless, but together we can ride into the stars and reach the moon!

I will have this painting along with other originals and gifts at my booth during the OHSET state meet in Redmond Oregon! It goes May 9th-12th and is at the Deschutes Expo center! I hope to see you there!


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