The Big Picture

Here is my newest piece! This one is named “The Big Picture” an is a 16”x40” acrylic on canvas!
I originally had a different plan in mind when I started this piece. However, when I reached the end it seemed to have a different meaning. I wanted to do something more colorful, textured, and less detail oriented so I tried to let brush strokes land and leave streaks while covering others but not completely blending. It was somewhat difficult to let go and give up the need to perfect each stroke and to use colors together that I don’t normally use that are not so realistic. Over time though I grew to enjoy the process and let the building up of colors create the picture instead of forcing it to look exactly like a real horse. When I look at it now up close I see each imperfection of brush stroke, crazy emotional colors, and one intense eye. But when I take a step back I see beautiful depth and motion that I sometimes feel I struggle to achieve in other pieces.

It’s just like the ups and downs of life, when you’re in the journey you focus on all the little imperfections that happen and they keep you from seeing the big picture. The masterpiece that God is making out of your life using those ups and downs to create who you were meant to be. Everyone has hardships and happiness, and without one or the other there would be nothing to give us depth and color to our lives. 

I hope you enjoy this piece and I will have it at my booth at the Deschutes County Expo center if you want to see it in person! Hope to see you there!


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